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>> . . . All I can do it to be me. Whoever that is . . . <<
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hunger games

I have no idea why I don't make graphics more often. I'd so love to make some Hunger Games and Doctor Who icons and wallpapers but I barely have the time. All I do now is color my photographs and get rid off people's wrinkles :D But here it is, a Hunger Games wallpaper just for you.

Oh, and I've taken a look at Tumblr since this seems to be the "new Livejournal" but honestly - how do you guys stand it? There are just too many .gifs, the whole internet is moving. I think it's disturbing :D

Haymiss Wallpaper:


<a href="http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a375/Troyaner2/hungergames_zpsd64f1d99.jpg">Full size</a>

Jan 22 13 - I am alive!

I know I haven't posted anything in a whole year but I've been rather busy with university and . . . well life. But I think I'm gonna make some icons tonight and post them later. But I'm not writing a new entry empty-handed, no. I've been very serious about my photography hobby the past two years and I want to share my gallery with you. If you're from Germany, preferably my closer area, and want some potraits of yourself - go ahead and contact me ;)

Here's my gallery:


[1] Sherlock/Irene Wallpaper
[1] Sherlock Plushie

Behind the c-c-c-c-utCollapse )
[12] Sherlock Icons



More behind the cutCollapse )
Feb 17 11 - More LotR Icons
I made moooooooooooore. . . 16 LotR icons.


Follow the fake cut. . .Collapse )
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