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links and promises 
Nov 27 13
I know I have neglected my LiveJournal account and making fanart and all of that. When I browsed through my old artwork I realized I've been missing it somewhat and I'm trying to do something about it. But to show you that I haven't been lazy, I'm gonna share links to my other accounts, like YouTube and DeviantART.

A gallery to which I've uploaded my best fanart, like wallpapers and icons.

This is my website as hobby photographer. It is in German but if you click on "Galerie" you will see all of my photographs.

IndigoPhotographie on Facebook
This is the Facebook page that goes with it. I update that more often than my website. Feel free to like it ;)

My YouTube Account
I still love making videos. Here is my new channel.

My DeviantART Account
I upload my pictures there, too.

IndigoPhotographie on Tumblr
I've put up a Tumblr account as well.

My Tumblr Blog
I don't know if I'm going to use this one. Tumblr still confuses me.

My FanFiction.net Account
Where I post my FanFictions. Seriously, what else should I use this for? :D
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